data essentials

Data Essentials Certification

EU GDPR Assurance for Irish Organisations

data essentials

Prepare for and Demonstrate

Compliance with EU GDPR

data essentials

Designed for All Organisations

Allows all organisations easily demonstrate

compliance with EU GDPR

What is Data Essentials?

Tailored to meet GDPR requirements, Data Essentials is an easy way for organisations to gauge how their current data protection procedures measure against GDPR obligations. Our Data Essentials framework covers the key requirements of the GDPR to assist you and your organisation toward achieving your compliance objectives. Data Essentials is a hassle-free, straightforward approach to GDPR compliance, perfect for companies of all sizes.

GDPR 6 Principles

 GDPR requires the implementation of effective controls across six principle areas and a seventh area, accountability.


Lawful, Fair and Transparent Processing 

Purpose Limitation

Data Minimisation

Data Accuracy

Storage Limitation

Integrity and Confidentiality


Data Essentials Online Assessment

Requires the organisation to complete a self-assessment questionnaire, with responses independently reviewed by Certification Europe.

GDPR Onsite Gap Analysis

In addition to the Data Essentials self-assessment questionnaire, a gap assessment of an organisations GDPR management system can be carried out by Certification Europe onsite.

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